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Preschool Philosophy

Mini-Marauder Preschool Early Learning Academy Philosophy:

preschool children outside playing

At the Mini-Marauder Preschool, our staff take pride in providing high quality, hands-on, educational experiences for every child. Our teachers are trained in educating through exploratory learning and play, which provides each child the opportunity to grow and learn on their own level at their own pace. The Mini-Marauder Preschool Early Learning Academy provides a rich, nurturing environment where staff shape the learning experience of the whole child. Mini-Marauder Preschool Early Learning Academy provides a welcoming and inviting atmosphere where children can feel comfortable to explore, learn and grow. 

Our Mini-Marauder Preschool Early Learning Academy is open to all in-district children three to five years of age. Children who are eligible to receive early childhood special education services are included within the Mini-Marauder Preschool Early Learning Academy. Our students who qualify for early childhood special education services will receive said services outlined in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) at no cost to the family while attending preschool. Early childhood special education services are provided by licensed personnel and may include speech and language therapy, occupational or physical therapy, school social work services, and services provided by an early childhood special education teacher.