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Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

MVCSC has received notice that the construction of the drive around Mt. Vernon Middle School is scheduled to be completed before the start of school, which would enable us to use the drop-off/pick-up procedures as the image shows. With the many variables that impact construction timelines, including weather, we are working on a contingency plan. If we need to move to a contingency plan, parents/guardians will receive notice of the change in plans within a few days of the start of school. We appreciate your patience as we strive to provide the most efficient process possible. 

Also, with the road being developed to the east of the preschool, parent drop-off/pick-up will be changed to encorporate this new road sometime within the first semester of 2023-2024. Stay tuned for this exciting notice!

MVMS New drop off & pick up

The Mini-Marauder Preschool is located at the north end of the corporation's Administration Building. The preschool is a secure environment for visitors from the outside as well as from the Administration portion of the building.

When dropping off, families can park in the angled parking on the west side of the building or can parallel park along the sidewalk. Please use Door 3 to gain direct access to the preschool. Families are responsible for bringing their children to the doors where preschool staff will meet them to take the children to the classrooms.

The preschool is part of the larger Mt. Vernon campus that includes the high school, the middle school, and Fortville Elementary school. We want the drop-off and pick-up of your child to be as convenient as possible. Please see the attached map to aid in this process.